Radiwhales is an Art Collection made up of 10,000 unique carefully crafted NFTS. The token details can be viewed in the official explorer by accessing the following link. View $WHALE on explorer.

Because Radix Olympia does not have smart contracts or proper NFT support yet, what you are purchasing here is a reservation for the real Radiwhale token which will be available when Radix Babylon launches. The $WHALE tokens on olympia are not NFTs themselves, they are fungible tokens that represent ownership of a reservation, but which token it represents is recorded on-ledger in the transaction message.


If you purchase a Radiwhale that has already been reserved, and you do not receive a $WHALE token as a result, you will receive a refund. Refunds are typically issued within 3 days, but are handled manually. Refunds may be subject up to a 1 xrd fee to cover the transaction cost and inconvenience.


Our team holds no liability for any financial losses or negative consequences. Make sure you understand the risks involved.

All transactions must be sent to the following address.


A transaction will be invalid when:
  • An attempt is made to purchase an NFT that has already been purchased.
  • The amount of XRD does not correspond to the sum of all NFTs involved in the transaction.
  • Transactions with no message or erroneous messages.